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List of Brick Companies

Arndts Brickworks, 1850s - Gottleib Arndt (Henry Walkerden, 1888-1926 South Preston Patent Brick and Tile Co.) Raglan & Hotham Sts. Preston "PRESTON" ?
Ararat Brickworks (T Traynor)
Auburn Brick Co. delisted 01/09/1935 "AUBURN"
Austral Brick Co. NSW "AUSTRAL"
Australasian Brick Pipe & Tesselated Tile Co. Mitcham 1889-c1970 "ATTC" "MITCHAM"
Australian Gas Retort and Fire Brick Co, South Yarra "AR&FB SOUTH YARRA"
Barkly Brick Co. Pty. Ltd. 1909-1962, Barkley St Brunswick "BARKLY"
Bendigo Brickworks "BENDIGO"
Blackburn Brick Co. 1892-1962, (Blackburn Brick & Tile) "BLACKBURN"
Blains Brickworks 140-150 Plenty Road
Boral Brickworks, Bulleen "BORAL"
Box Hill Brick Co. 1886-1980s  (1884 Haughton Park Brick Company Ltd., 1913 Standard Brickworks /Standard Brick & Tile Co. Ltd.; 1938 Co-operative Brick Company 1966 Brick & Pipe Ind.) "BOX HILL"; "STANDARD"
Brick& Pipe Industries (see Co-operative Brick Co. Pty. Ltd.) "B.P. Ind."
Brunswick Brick Tile and Pottery Co. (see Hoffman) "BRUNSWICK BRICK&TILECO"
Builders' Brick and Tile Supply Co.
Butler C (see South Brunswick Brick Co.) "C BUTLER"
Centennial Brick and Pipe Co. 1890s, Dandenong?
Chiltern Brick and Tile Company Proprietary Limited
City Brick Co. Pty. Ltd. Tooronga Road Camberwell (also Malvern Brickworks) "CITY"; "C B"
Clifton Bricks 1900-c1943, 21-27 Railway Place Preston  "CLIFTON"
Colac Brickworks
Co-operative Brick Co. Pty. Ltd. 1896, (1966 Brick and Pipe Industries Pty. Ltd.)
Corio Brick and Tile Co. Geelong
Cornwall Brick and Pottery Co, Albert Street Brunswick 1880s - 1920s
Creswick Brick Tile & Potteries Ltd. Creswick
The Dandenong Steam-Press Brick and Tile Company Limited
Darley Fire Brick Co. c1880-1990, Bacchus Marsh "DARLEY"
Dixons Brickworks 1892-96, Park Road Oakleigh
Essendon Brick Company Limited. 1884-c1898
Evans Brothers (Bricks) Pty. Ltd. 1912-1972 (Sold Oakleigh site in 1969) Park Road Oakleigh
Erskine Brickworks Shepparton (Shepparton Brick and Tile Company Proprietary Limited) 
Excelsior Brick Co. "E. B. Co" c 1908-1940 Chapel Street, South Yarra, opposite Malcolm Street "EXCELSIOR"
Ferry Pottery
Fitzroy Steam Brick Pipe Tile and Pottery Works, 1878-1893, (F A Harris,  1888 Builders’ Brick and Tile Co.) Collier St Preston, Cochrane Reserve.
Fritsch, Holzer, and Co. c1902-1930s Hawthorn "FRITSCH HOLZER"
Gamble Brick Company, 1911-1982 New Gamble Brick and Quarrying Company Pty Ltd. Ferntree Gully Road near Gamble Street "GAMBLE" "N. G. B. C."
Glen Iris Brick Co. 1912-1972  (Glen Iris Brick, Tile, and Terra Cotta Co. Pty, Ltd., 2 Watt St Thornbury) Stamford Road Oakleigh "GLEN IRIS"; "G. I. B. Co."

Glew, John, 1849-57 Hodgson Street  & Union St Phillipstown (Brunswick); 1860 Brunswick?; 1866-72 Poheman's Paddock Brickmaking Company Brunswick; 1871 Essendon; c1890s-1907 Weston St Brunswick 1890s-1907.  "GLEW"
Glenthompson Brickworks
Hamilton Brick and Tile Company Proprietary Limited (Gelnthompson?)
Haughton Park Brick Company Ltd 1884- (see Box Hill Brickworks)
Hawthorn Brick Co. (see Fritsch-Holzer)
Hoffman Brick Works  1870-1990 (Brunswick Brick Tile & Pottery Co.; Hoffman Brick and Potteries Limited) "HOFFMAN"
Horsham Brickworks 1949-
Jefferson's brickworks, Garfield
H Leigh Brickworks
Lilydale Brick Tile & Pipe Works Ltd.
The Macedon Steam Brick Tile And Drain Pipe Company Limited
Malvern Brickworks 1903-? 65 Elizabeth Street, Menzies Park Malvern (City Brick Co.)
Melbourne Brick & Tile Co. Ltd.
Mitcham Brick and Tile Co. (see Australian Tesselated Tile Co.) " MITCHAM"; "A.T.T.Co."
Montrose Brickworks
Mornington Brick and freestone quarries Co.
New Gamble Brick and Quarrying Co Pty Ltd, 1916-82 off Ferntree Gully rd Oakleigh
New Northcote Brick Co. Ltd 1886-c1960s? (John Roberts 1866 and Groom Brothers Patent Brick c1876) "NEW NORTHCOTE"; "N N" "N N B"
Nolan brickworks?
Northcote Brick Co.  1882-1977 Separation St. (Northcote Brick Company Limited) "NORTHCOTE"; "NBC"
Notting Hill Brick Company1889-98 Oakleigh Black Brick Tile and Pipe Company Limited
Oakleigh Brick Co. Pty. Ltd., 1917 - c1970s,  "OAKLEIGH"
Oakleigh Junction Brick Company (1912 Junction Steam Brick Co. J. Hendy) Dandenong Rd. Oakleigh.
Ordish Fire Brick Co. c1890-1975 Dandenong  "ORDISH"
Patent Brick Company  1870s -1884 South Yarra
Pioneer Brickworks "PIONEER"
P G H Bricks
Preston Brick and Tile Co. Ltd. 1886-1935 (Raglan Street, between Hotham and Collier Street)
Ringwood Brick Co.
Sale Brickworks Co. 1900s
Sandhurst Brickworks, Bendigo (The Sandhurst Steam Brick and Tile Company Limited) "SANDHURST"
Selkirk Brick Co. Bendigo "SELKIRK"
Shepparton Brickyard, Drysdale c1880, Pomberton c1900 Tuttle 1914-17, 
Shepparton Brick and Tile Co Pty Ltd  c1920-1970  (M. J. & A. G. Erskine"SHEPPARTON"; "ERSKINE"
South Brighton Brick Co. 1890s-
South Brunswick Brick Co. (C Butler) Albion St Brunswick, "S.B.B.C."
South Preston Patent Brick & Tile Co.  1888-1826, Milton Crescent off Raglan Street Preston, Adams Reserve
South Yarra Fire Brick Co. (AFFBCo) "SOUTH YARRA" "AF&FBCo.
Spear's Brick Co. Pty. Ltd. (Brick & Pipe Works Pty Ltd) "SPEAR", (F. Spear was manager of the City Brickworks around 1905)
Stamford Brick Co (parent  company of Glen Iris Brickworks) "S.B.C. Co."
Standard Brickworks Pty Ltd (see Box Hill Brickworks) "STANDARD"
State Brickworks (State coal mine, Wonthaggi) 1909-1914 "SCM"
Stawell Pressed Brickworks c1900s-1940s
Sweet ? Brick Co.
Thornbury Brick Works (State Brickworks?)
Upper Hawthorn Brick Co.
Walkenden Patent Brick and Tile Co. Ltd. Oakover Road South Preston Harry Swain Reserve "WALKERDEN"
Warragul Brick & Tile Pty. Ltd.
Warburton Brick Coy.,
Whittlesea Brick, Tile, and Pottery Co.

T H Widdicome, Portarlington
Wilsmore Brick Co. 1888-1893, Albert Street Brunswick "WILSMORE"  (backward S)
Wodonga Brick & Tile Co. Pty. LimitedYarrawonga Sawmill and Brick Co. 1930s
Modern Brickmakers
Bendigo Brick Pty Ltd Bendigo, Australia

Daniel Robertson Holdings Pty Ltd. 58-74 Station St, Nunawading, Australia
Phillips Bricks & Pottery Proprietary Limited 280-310 Mcivor Rd, Bendigo, Australia 
Selkirk Geelong Pty Ltd 630 Howitt St, Ballarat, Australia
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