Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Auburn Bricks

There was an Auburn Brickworks in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and America, but they do not seem to have been related in any way. The Auburn Brick, Tile & Pottery Company was set up in Princes Road, Auburn, a Sydney Suburb in 1905, taking over the business of the Duck River Brickworks.

Transport of bricks interstate was rarely undertaken because of the high cost. Brickworks tended to supply to local catchments, although when prices fell and competition increased, they would often undercut each other.

the Melbourne Auburn Brickworks was established in Auburn Road Hawthorn in 1909. the pit is now John Gardiner Reserve. Like Glen Iris, the company was hindered by Council bylaws preventing blasting, but continued to operate into the 1950s.

c1930s brick from Melbourne city Abattoirs

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