Wednesday, November 27, 2013

South Yarra Brick Co

The South Yarra Fire Brick Company was founded by Robert ‘Daddy’ Davies. It was the last of a number of brickworks to operate either side of Chapel Street near the Yarra river.  It appears to have been the successor to the Australian Gas Retort and Fire Brick Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd (sometimes stamped AR & FB Co.) established in 1869, and operated in Chapel Street South Yarra until the late 1930s, which manufactured fire clay goods, supplying to such companies as the Metropolitan Gas Co Ltd and Victorian Railways and Government.
The  South Yarra Fire Brick Co Pty Ltd operated in Chapel Street South Yarra from around 1940, manufacturing and selling a wide range of medium and high duty fireclay products and a range of refractory, airsetting and heatsetting cements, castables and mouldables.
South Yarra and Newbold (NSW) fire bricks
Standard house brick - assumed by the South Yarra Fire Brick co


  1. Thank you for the information. I have just cleaned an old forge which has been sitting in my families farm shed for decades. It is in very good condition overall from its keeping from weather and damp. Upon my doing so, was I to notice at its base, many these white coloured bricks with South Yarra inward stamped from manufacture. Alike an archeologist digging for treasure, I have just uncovered some great Melbourne history. ... Great Blog ...Cheers!

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