Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glen Iris Brick Co.

The Glen Iris Brick Tile and Terra Cotta Co Pty Ltd purchased a site straddling Gardiners Creek in Malvern and Camberwell on 5 March 1912, but a combination of the council and the brick cartel blocking access, they instead leased land in Watt St Thornbury of St Georges Road for a brick pit.

The Glen Iris company also obtained a brick pit and works in Oakleigh east of Stamford Road (opposite the Oakleigh Brickworks site) in the 1930s, and later in Templestowe. Glen Iris issued a number of commemorative or dated bricks including a 1954 Royal Tour brick and 1956 Olympic Games brick.

The Glen Iris Company was bought by Boral in 1970. Northcote council and the state government transferred the Thornbury site to Aboriginal Advancement League by 1982.

c1915 early form

1930s? impressed letters with tally mark
1940s raised letters
1954 Royal Tour Brick
1955 raised letters
1950s coat of arms
1956 Olympic
1960s bar frog

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