Saturday, November 16, 2013

Barkly Brick Co.

The Barkly Brick Company was established by at least 1909, and erected presses and kilns in started a  clay pit on Weston Street Brunswick, extending to Barkly St. This may have taken over the site of William Grey's Barkly Brickyard of about 1859. John Grant was manager and Graeme R Ferry (of Ferry's Pottery) and  Frederick Thomas Hickford, were among the directors.

The works was also known later as the New Brunswick Brick and Pottery Co Pty Ltd in about 1957-9. Operations continued until about 1962, when the quarry hole was filled (with rubbish as usual). Subsequently the Barkly Square shopping centre was built on the brickworks site, and the land over the clay pit became car parking.

Two bricks from a c 1920s house in Brunswick

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