Friday, November 22, 2013

Clifton Brick

The Clifton Brick Company took its name from its owner David Clifton, and had a quarry in St. Georges Road Preston, now the Ray Bramham Gardens. It was formed in 1890, but closed down for several years during the depression before being bought by W. and A. H. Angliss and restarted in 1907. James A Gamble was manager of the Clifton brickworks in 1913, probably brother of Joseph Gamble of the South Preston Brickworks. 

The Preston pit closed in about 1943, but Clifton had other brickmaking interest. In 1952 they took over Hoffman brickworks, and in 1965 acquired a controlling interest in the Oakleigh Brick Company Pty Ltd although the individual brick stamps continued to be used on their bricks. Subsequent mergers saw Clifton and Nubrick form the Austral Brick Company.
1950s with prominent frog screw
1970s barred frog

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  1. Top stuff thanks! Thoughts on an archaeologists field guide to Melbourne bricks? Could be very basic -a picture & start & end dates of production.