Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Box Hill Standard Brick

The Haughton Park Brick Company Ltd. was created aroudn 1880, with a works off Elgar Road, Canterbury. In 1886 the company changed its name to the Box Hill Brick Co Ltd., but it foundered in 1891 and suspended production in 1892. New owners took over in1905, although production did not recommence until 1911. Production increased in 1913 and the name was changed to the Standard Brick & Tile Co. Ltd.
1886-1912, but more likely 86-92 & 1911-12

1913-1940 (from a 1920s factory in Coburg

The brickworks were taken over by the Co-operative Brick Company in 1938, but it shut down production 1942 -1946. In 1952 the works was converted to electricity, and later taken over in 1966 by the Brick & Pipe Co. who ran the brickworks until August 1988, when the plant was shut down for good.

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  1. Used to go swimming in the old quarry pit. It seems it was known as the Surrey Dive (http://www.weekendnotes.com/surrey-dive-lake-playground/) but I am sure it was called the Box Hill Dive when I was in the Box Hill Swimming Club. I remember training there with Jon and Ilsa Konrads.