Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oakleigh Brick Co

John and Henry Goding commenced brick making on a site in Stamford road Oakleigh, on the 27th of April 1885, but the works seems to have operated spasmodically, closing down for an extended period in 1910.

Also called the Oakleigh Brick and Tile Company, and in 1917 a revamped company recommenced operating with H.F. Young, formerly of the Northcote Brick Company as  Managing Director. as an indication of the close associations between the various brick companies, shares in the new Oakleigh brick company were held by a number of other brickworks including Hoffman Brick and Potteries Ltd, Augustus Henry Holzer, Co-operative Brick Company Limited, City Brickworks Company Pty Ltd, Northcote Brick Company,  and the New Northcote Brick Company Ltd.

In March 1957 the company purchased land in Bolinda Road Campbellfield, for a brick pit from which clays which burnt to the typical cream brick colour of the 1950s and 60s, common around Melbourne. In 1965, Clifton Brick Holdings took control of the Oakleigh Brick Company Pty Ltd. , but by the late 1970s, the works ceased production although the Company itself was not wound up until 1985.

Oakleigh cream, c 1950s
1920s? red

1930s clinker

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