Tuesday, November 19, 2013

City Brick

The City Brick Co. Pty. Ltd. was established in about 1900, erecting a Hoffman kiln, and brick bress building on tooronga Road near Gardners Creek. The company appears to have been associated with the Malvern Brickworks. the Manager of the works in 1905-7 was F Spear, who appears to have gone on to establish his own brickworks.

Their bricks are embosed with a wide shallow frog and the letters "CITY", sometimes with tally marks including small letteres between the I and T, while some have "C B".
The Tooronga quarry was closed in 1983 with the company relocating to Scoresby from 1963. The firm was taken over by Boral in 1985, and the Tooronga site subsequently redeveloped.

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