Friday, November 15, 2013

John Glew

John Glew learned the brickmaking trade from Thomas Manallack at his brickworks in Phillipstown  from 1849. He soon set up his own brickmaking business in Hodgson Street Phillipstown and then moved to Barkly Street East when the clay pit was worked out in 1860. He purchased Poheman's Paddock Brickmaking Company in 1866, and in 1871 opened another brickworks in Essendon. Each of these appears to have produced bricks of quite different character and colour. Glew retired in 1884, but his Weston Street brickworks continued to operate to at least 1906.
 Glew played an important role in enabling the development of the polychrome brick architectural style in Melbourne having been the first  to produce 'fancy white bricks' in the colony. Glew also produced white clay square pavers with 'J G' stamped on the bottom similar to some bricks.



  1. John GLEW came from a long line of brickmakers in England.
    From GLEW descendant liz

  2. John Glew, and his son, also John, built the first house in Jumbunna, "Cora Lynn" (Heritage listed), from bricks hand made at the location. (From the "Land of the Lyre Bird")