Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fritsch Holzer

Fritsch Holzer comes from Augustus Fritsch and the Holzer brothers (Martin and Aloysius Anton Holzer), who formed the Upper Hawthorn Brick Company in 1883.

The brickworks closed about  and the site was bought by the Hawthorn Council in 1972 and used it as a tip until 1986, turning it into a park in 1996.

Reds and creams are common, and possibly the mottled browns for which Hawthorn Brick is known for the characteristic polychrome finish. Many bricks have one two or three raised dots, probably indicating tally marks for the separate presses, or operators. the style doesn't change, but there are subtle differences in the moulds, indicating they were occasionally changed or renewed. there are two separate pairs of attachement screws in the frog, larger ones holding the main part with the company name and smaller ones holding the tally marks.

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