Tuesday, November 26, 2013

East Mitcham Brick Co.

It is somewhat difficult unravelling the Mitcham brick undertakings. Edgar E. Walker founded and later owned the Australasian Brick, Pipe and Tessellated Tile Company in Mitcham in 1885, (renamed the Australian Tessellated Tile Co. in 1895) which  began operations south-west of the Mitcham railway station in 1886. The Mitcham  Brick and Pottery Co was established in 1886 (also known as Staples brick), while the East Mitcham Brick Company advertised its prospectus on 27 August 1888, and was operating by 1889 from another site near the railway line. The East Mitcham company had difficulty in getting shareholders to pay their calls, and went to court in 1890, possibly winding up shortly after.

A.T.T Co Mitcham - probably 1930s

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