Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shepparton Brickworks

There may have been brickyards in Shepparton as early as 1858, but by the 1880s, there are regular newspaper references (including to a boy drowning in the flooded claypit) to the 'Shepparton Brickyard' in Knight St., which was operated by Drysdale from about 1880, Pomberton around 1900 H Thompson in 1914-16, and Tuttle from 1916-17. 

In about 1920 the Erskine Brothers (M. J. & A. G.) started the Shepparton Brick and Tile Co Pty Ltd., taking over the old brickyard and manufacturing dry pressed machine bricks with both "SHEPPARTON"; "ERSKINE" on the frogs. It appears that they were produced to a very similar pattern throughout this period, and bricks were sold in a number of regional towns as well as constructing a large part of post-War Shepparton. The works closed down in 1973, and the quarry hole was used as a council tip before being restored as 'Brickworks Park' off the boulevard, in 2006.

Shepparton bricks are stamped both "SHEPARTON" and "ERSKINE", with most being a soft orange-brown colour. the Shepparton stamp are believed to be later (c1940s-70s)

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