Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blackburn Brick Co.

The Blackburn Brick Co. was established off Whitehorse Road and Alfred Street Blackburn near the railway in about 1890, but soon closed due to the impact of the depression. It re-commenced operation in 1892, possibly when it was renamed the Blackburn Brick & Tile Co.) and operated sporadically over the next year. In 1893 the company contracted to supply 4,000,000 for construction of the Hobsons Bay main sewer.

It became associated (like many Melbourne Brickworks) with the Co-operative Brick Co Pty Ltd. in about 1926. the Co-op was taken over by Brick and Pipe Industries Pty. Ltd in 1966.

Brickworks Lane exists of Whitehorse Road Blackburn indicating the location of the former brickworks.

From a c1930s factory in Abbotsford

A probably later centre bar version

Footings of the 1890s Bellenden homestead Wheelers Hill

MMBW Sewerage Plan showing Blackburn works and clay hole 

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