Thursday, November 21, 2013


Frederick Spear Senior commenced brickmaking in Victoria Road Camberwell in 1857 and was manager of the Hawthorn Brickworks in Camberwell Road until his death in 1884. Frederick jnr managed the works to at least 1915, although in 1904 the City Brickworks Co was described as 'Late A. Spear & Sons'

Fred Spear and Harold Spear both seem to have been associated with the Co-operative Brick Company,Toorak Road, and  City Brick Company, which built and owned cottages they occupied in

There was another F Spear Brickworks (around 1913) in St. Peters Sydney often spelt 'Speare', while Frederick W Spear is also recorded as Manager of the Adelaide Brickworks in about 1915.

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